Dave Mackay looks ahead to his Testimonial Dinner after 200 supporters snap up tickets

Actor Colin McCredie has been announced by the Dave Mackay Testimonial Committee as the Master of Ceremonies for the former St Johnstone defender’s Testimonial Dinner, which is being held in September.

The actor, most notable for his roles in Taggart and River City, said of his delight to be involved in the players Testimonial Dinner. Speaking to the Dave Mackay Testimonial Facebook page, Colin said:

“Dave deserves this testimonial because, not only is he a Saints legend, but, also because he is such a great and decent man. I am sure fans will make sure it is a memorable night. I’m oproud to have been asked to play a part in Dave’s big night.”

The Dinner being held on the 2nd of September in the Dewars Centre has not yet sold out, with tickets still available. Over 200 have already been sold, with Mackay saying:

It is great to know that people still hold you in high regard. It is fantastic for the club to award me the Testimonial. I only done nearly 8 years but it had to be cut short due to injury, however, I have always had a good relationship with the fans and the club and it was fantastic the club granted me the Dinner, Golf Day and Game. I am looking forward to the Dinner and Match. We have already had the Golf Day – I can have my good rounds and my bad rounds, I don’t play often enough to become too good. It was a great day, a great turnout and an enjoyable day in Blairgowrie. The match is going to be held in October we think. We are trying to squeeze it into the International Break. We haven’t worked out opposition yet or anything like that, we are still working on that side of things, but, I am sure we will try get a few former team-mates and St Johnstone legends back involved for that game to allow the fans to see some of their ex-heroes on their return to McDiarmid Park.”

While speaking to jordanburtfootball.com, Mackay wanted to leae this message with the supporters of the Perth club.

It was easily the most enjoyable period of my career. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time at Dundee when I started out as a young boy as I was there for 5 years but, I think I was only involved in the first team for two and a half years; if you compare that to my time at St Johnstone, the success we had, it was certainly the longest I have been at one club and enjoyed it too. The fans took to me from day one and the rapport we had was great. The success we had, and they are continuing to have, is long overdue and I am sure the fans are in a bit of dream land at the moment with the way things are going, and, to be honest, I don’t see that changing any time soon with Tommy Wright in charge and Steve Brown running the club: the club is run in such a good way. St Johnstone will never get into financial difficulties while he is in charge. They have built their base up slowly unlike many other clubs who have spent lots of money chasing the dream, whereas, St Johnstone have earned it on the back of hard work, good managers and good players constantly coming into the club. I hope the success at McDiarmid Park continues for many more years to come!”


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