2017/18 Preview – Berwick

A youthful approach to this season will see Berwick attempt to find success through hungry youngsters who are trying to make their way in the game. Is this a potential game-changer in League Two? This is my opinion.

With the addition of Robby McCrorie on-loan from Rangers to add to the retained Sean Brennan, I fell the standard is simlar to last season, with experienced goalkeeper Kevin Walker no longer at the club. McCrorie seems to be a good young goalkeeper though and I suspect he will improve as the season goes on.

Looking at the back-line and the obvious inclusion is Pat Scullion who once again remains at Shielfield Park. His experience could be vital in leading a young defence to success this season. Alongside him, however, we could see Johnny Fairbairn and this would see a solid base to work from for John Coughlin. With Kevin Waugh and Callum Donaldson joining on loan, the defence looks near completion. The only real question I have is whether more full-back cover is needed – this could eb crucial as the season goes on and it may be something Coughlin tries to deal with in the coming weeks.

With the highly-rated Andrew Irving joining Michael McKenna and Gary Phillips this season, then the Berwick midfield looks a lot more balanced. When you also have the option of playing Darren Lavery or Steven Thomson further back, there are plenty options open to Coughlin.

With Greg Rutherford being retained, he gives a different option up front with the aforementioned Lavery and Thomson providing competition in this area.

I think the Berwick squad is nearly complete. I don’t see them making the play-off’s but I do feel they are more than capable of finishing in relative safety in mid-table. With a couple of more quality additions, they may be able to challenge slightly higher up in the division.


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