“I don’t have any complaints” says Buddies Boss after Pars loss

St Mirren manager Jack Ross told the Press on Saturday afternoon that his side deserved to lose to Dunfermline and he had no complaints with the margin of victory for the Fife side either.

The men from Paisley lost two goals in the first half before an individual error from a set-piece allowed Callum Morris to triple the Pars’ advantage.

“I don’t have any complaints over the result. I think as an attacking force, or at least when we were on the ball, we were okay, we were fine as we have been, but, we didn’t defend well throughout the whole game and I think each goal from a manager’s perspective can be taken back to individual mistakes: when that happens and you concede two goals, it is going to be very difficult for you to win beyond that so I have no complaints.”

Asked if he is worried by the margin of defeats his side has suffered when they have lost matches this season, the 41-year-old replied:

“Yes and no.. I think the way we play means we are pretty expansive, so, it is a fine balance to have that and in an ideal world, we would have that at both ends of the pitch like the top clubs – they have the ability to be compact and tight as well as the ability to be expansive; we have that ability to go and create and score goals, but, I thought there was a little difference today – at 2-0 we are okay but the third goal is an individual mistake by Ian McShane and thereafter, we managed to see out the gamw okay. Especially after going down to 10 men then 9 men. A defeat is a defeat in my eyes – I don’t think it makes much difference what the scoreline is. I have a group of players in there who will hurt whether it is 1-0 or 3-0. We move on from it and we hope to win our next fixture which is back at home.”

Speaking of his sides’ quick-fire double sending off, for Adam Eckersley (Violent Conduct) and Gregor Buchanan (Second Bookable Offence), the Buddies Boss said:

“The red cards are probably more of a concern for me because we have to be able to maintain our discipline: I have spoken about our discipline and our shape when we are 3-0 down going into the last ten minutes, or less than that. With the greatest will in the world, most teams won’t win from that position so it is important to have that game management but also to retain their discipline as that affects the remaining 5, 7, 8 minutes – whatever it was when we went down to 10 men then 9 men – and that could have lead to us suffering a heavier defeat and in the following weeks it has consequences for us too so the players have been criticised for that as they have to maintain their discipline.”


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