No doubts in Samson’s mind when the Buddies came calling

St Mirren shot-stopper Craig Samson has revealed that he had no intention of signing on anywhere else as soon as he found out there was an opportunity to be re-united with his former side in Paisley this summer under Jack Ross.

The goalkeeper has played in the Championship before so knew what to expect when dropping down to the second tier of Scottish football.

“I have played in the Premiership for a number of years now but coming back here, to this club, was the big pull for me. I knew the manager, the assistant manager, the goalkeeping coach…it didn’t matter where we were in the league for me as this league has some really good players who can easily step up and play in the top league. Of course, there is a step from the Championship to the Premiership but I think at the moment there is a step between Celtic and the rest of the Premiership, so, I know when I go into a game, the opposition has quality players; I specifically look at the forward players as I am a goalkeeper and I know how good the guys that I am facing are.

I have to try adapt my game to that but that is what happens as a player; this league is a very good league and a very entertaining league too. For St Mirren, we are under pressure to win every match and that is a good pressure to have. I love it at the football club; I loved it when I was here before and I never hid away from the fact that when I spoke to the manager and James Fowler in the summer I said to them this is the only place I want to go. It took a while longer than I would have liked to have got the deal done but that was purely down to people being on holiday and things like that.”

There was never any doubt in the 33-year-old’s mind after he got released by Motherwell that Paisley was his next destination.

“When I got the chance to come back here, I knew the club were on the up. The buzz around the club and all the staff pulling in the same direction made me think that we could go on and have a really successful year. We have all got to stick together – it isn’t just the manager or one person who is pushing us on, it is everybody; we are all pulling together and going forward in the same direction. I had spoken to a couple of people who knew the manager and queried what his situation was as I knew he was looking for a keeper. I got my name put forward to see if there was an opportunity for it to happen and when I knew there was, there was never any doubt on where I wanted to go.”


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