Cowdenbeath was “the hardest job I ever had” according to Billy Brown

Billy Brown admits his managerial stint with League Two club Cowdenbeath was the most difficult challenge he has encountered in his coaching career.

The 66-year-old told

“I wasn’t enjoying it. How can you enjoy it when you aren’t winning? I have been brought up on the fact that football is about winning and that is where the enjoyment comes from. It was becoming something that I wasn’t looking forward to. It was the right time to go as it gives the club plenty time to find someone else to come in. We have only played 10 league matches, so there is plenty games left yet. They need someone different, maybe someone with a bit of luck. They deserve a bit of luck, do Cowdenbeath. The last four seasons for them have been a challenge so I hope they get the bit of fortune they deserve.

There is no doubt about it, this is the hardest job I have ever had; it wasn’t an easy job. I have got to say, however, that there are a lot of good people there – I received a lot of help and support: I have nothing against the people against there at all. The Board, particularly Donald Findlay and David Allan were excellent. I have absolutely no complaints about that.”

It will be a big challenge for Brown’s successor, with the successful candidate becoming the Blue Brazil’s fifth manager in just over two seasons – and their fourth in 2017!

“It is certainly a big challenge. People asked me when I took over in the summer if I was on a suicide mission! It is a difficult job; someone will come round and change their fortunes around shortly and I hope that happens for them soon. I think the more experience the squad gets, it will only go from strength to strength. I am sure that the oldest outfield player we had playing on Saturday was Josh Morris who is 26; there are definitely one or two good players there so the more exposure these boys get, then their confidence will hopefully rise and then they can get a run going.”

“It must be a difficult time to be a supporter of Cowdenbeath considering what has happened over the last four years,” concludes Brown. “There is nothing else for it – if that is your team, you just need to keep going. I appreciate it must be a hard shift for them at the moment but I am positive it will turn round – especially with the support they are getting from guys like Donald Findlay. I think the club will eventually prosper again.”


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