Ovenstone rages after Mullen sending off

After his final match in charge of Cowdenbeath as interim boss, John Ovenstone was livid with match referee Gavin Ross after Cowden midfielder Fraser Mullen was sent off.

Looking back on the game, the former East Fife defender commented:

“I am frustrated: I think the players are frustrated as well. I think the referee set the tone within the first five minutes, as it was never a penalty! I have never seen a softer penalty getting given. After that, it is down to our players to show a bit of character to try and attempt to get back into the game. The second goal…we have been beaten in the middle of the park, but, it is a deflection – when you are at the bottom of the table, these things happen. Nothing goes your way when you are down this end of the league and that is when you have got to make your own luck; it just isn’t going for us at the moment. It will turn, at one point, and I hope it is soon. We aren’t detached at the bottom and that is the main thing.”

Special praise was given to experienced keeper David McGurn, who kept the scoreline from being even worse.

“How he hasn’t got Man of the Match today, I have no clue. He had four or five great saves in the first-half or it could have been a lot worse when we can in at half-time. We just need to re-group; this is my last game in charge – the club will appoint someone on Monday or Tuesday and we will take it from there.”

Controversy arose in the 55th minute after Fraser Mullen was dismissed.

“It was never a sending off. Fraser was frustrated with himself and swore. The referee has given me his explanation there just now and he thought Fraser had sworn at him! “I thought” and “I know” are two totally different things. A referee should never use the word “thought” when talking of a decision, it should be “I know he done this” or “I know he done that”. As I said to the press there, guys like that, refereeing games kills clubs. By all accounts, he [Gavin Ross] has had a few bad performances at this ground before and I am currently just in disbelief with some of his decisions.”

Ovenstone felt his team played better when they were two men light.

“When we went down to nine men, they looked better; they passed the ball better and they worked harder. I think they know, and we re-emphasised it after the game to them, that, goal difference is a massive thing in this league and if you go and get beat by 4, 5, 6, 7 goals or whatever it is and you have these heavy defeats against you, it won’t help you come the end of the season. We still have a chance of catching them [Edinburgh City, who sit one place and two points above Cowdenbeath in League Two] so that has to be our main priority right now. Things haven’t gone our way today but we will get on with it.”

The 35-year-old is not sure what the future will hold for him at Central Park until the manager decides next week.

“He will have his own ideas and he will want to implement his own things. Hopefully he can get the team playing to a level that merits League Two – that would be great. With the transfer window opening in January, too, it gives him a chance to wheel and deal and try to get a few new bodies in to try and aid what he is trying to do. Of course I want to [continue being involved with the club] but that is for the new manager to decide; if it is to go, then I will go with the club getting my best wishes and if it is to stay then I will talk to them about a role when that conversation potentially comes around.”


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