Laszlo looking for better cutting edge despite win

Dundee United manager Csaba Laszlo was happy his side regained top spot in the SPFL Ladbrokes Championship but is still expecting more from his side. 

Speaking to the media post-match, the Hungarian commented:

“This isn’ just a [good day] for me but for the fans and players too. It was a good quality game, from both teams. I think Dunfermline came out and tried to close out the game. Dunfermline are also a team who want to be at the top and they knew if they lost today the gap got bigger; they done everything – they came and they fought, especially in the last 15 minutes when they put a lot of pressure on us.

Generally, I think we deserved the three points as we scored 2 goals but I am slightly disappointed with, especially, the first-half as we had 2 or 3 really good chances which we didn’t take, again! I told the players in the dressing room that the first 20 minutes [of the second half] will be crucial as they will come at us but that leaves the spaces free for us to counter-attack. We had two big chances, particularly with Sam [Stanton] where he just needed to head in and it’d be game over. In this direction, we must do better as if you are clinical, it makes your life easier.”

Laszlo didn’t feel the Pars worried Harry Lewis or his defence too much:

“They pressed us but they didn’t have one clear chance. We made the one chance for them through the penalty because if you are clever on the midway-line when you make a fault then you would quickly get back into shape and it wouldn’t of been a penalty. In this direction, I think we must be happy: in the last 15 minutes, we didn’t panic like we did against Brechin. This is already a development.”

Scott Fraser scored the all important two goals to get the win at Tannadice.

“I am unhappy because he should have scored 4 today!” jokes Laszlo. “I think today it was more about the team-work. Generally, everybody played in their position. I am really sad though for Floody [Willo Flood] because he hurt his shoulder. I hope he can come back quick because he is a very important player: even a very important person in the dressing-room. If we lose him it’ll be difficult for us. He will be going to hospital as he has pain despite the shoulder being put back so I hope there is nothing damaged inside but to find out we must get him an x-ray. I hope nothing is broken as at the moment, his shoulder isn’t swollen.”

Having sent the fans home happy, the former Hearts gaffer looks to build on the slip-up of St Mirren heading into the festive fixtures.

“I am always glad when we make the fans happy. They really helped us, especially in the last 10 minutes. They stood up and tried to encourage the team. I think this is fantastic as after Brechin, they, like the team, were very down.

It was important today after dropping two points last week. The pressure was very high and I spoke to the players before the game about how to handle the result if we came in today having lost or made a draw. This is my job also, to make sure the players are psychlogically correct as well as physically. When you are mentally strong, you can win these games and know you are now top of the league. We now have two away games – I will find out how strong my team is as, I think, if you can win these two games in a row, you can have a nice Christmas.”



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