“Nobody can put a candle to our integrity” – Dick Campbell

Arbroath manager Dick Campbell is yet to feature Gavin Swankie in the Angus Derby between the Red Lichties and local rivals Forfar this season, after the attacker joined up with his old Loons manager at Gayfield this summer.

Speaking to the media as to why after Tuesday’s win over the third-tier’s bottom club, Campbell revealed:

“I did the courteous thing [today] and didn’t play [Gavin] Swankie because when we signed him we said we wouldn’t play him against Forfar and we have done that for three games now, so nobody can put a candle to our integrity. Bearing in mind Swankie on Saturday was outstanding, but, he took the decision as a good pro would.”

Analysing the match as a whole, the experienced manager said:

“We have all been in Jim’s [Jim Weir – Forfar Manager] shoes before, but, I thought in the first-half, we were well in control. We scored a reasonable goal and missed a couple of good chances. I knew Forfar would come back at us in the second half. We have won 1-0 and not lost a goal during a local derby and these games are all about winning. Nobody can deny us the fact that we won and I don’t think we deserved to get beat. To a man, we were all ‘up for our work’ as they say.

We can’t forget that Forfar came into today’s game on the back of a miraculous result on Saturday against Ayr United and that motivated us a bit. I am happy with the debut of [Ryan] Wallace and I am played him up front alongside the young boy, Leighton [McIntosh] so, we will go down to Ayr now on Saturday and see what is in front of us, there.”

Asked if he was happy with the defensive work of his side, Campbell quipped:

“Do you know this, I can’t remember of a save my goalie had to make during the 90 minutes, whereas, their goalie certainly had to make a few. I think that tells its own story! This league is never, ever, ever an easy league to play in and it still isn’t finished yet by an stretch of the imagination. I am happy with the fact that we are back in the top four: I have no complaints, we have just won a local derby 1-0 so it is fair to say, 2018 has started well!”


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