Should the Scottish Championship have a Winter Break

Dundee United manager Csaba Laszlo feels the Scottish Championship needs to adopt a Winter Break, similar to what the Scottish Premiership introduced last season.

Speaking to the media, ahead of last weekend’s Scottish Cup tie against Alloa, the Hungarian said:

“When the Transfer Window is open, every manager – even a Scottish Championship manager – needs to have, maybe one week or two weeks, once he has brought someone in to integrate the player [into the squad]. This is my personal opinion, but, I don’t think 3 weeks is not long: I also think 3 weeks is necessary to recover a little bit. I see my players, even early in pre-season, playing games, games, games, games, games because they have the [BetFred] Cup which they play during pre-season in Scotland. It is just a group of games, games, games, games, games, games before the [start of the] league.

Sometimes, players go tired or injured and we don’t have the time to recover. I hope, at one time, this will change, but – and I go back to when I was manager at Hearts –  we didn’t have these three weeks; I thought back then, “look at all these teams who get three weeks, like in Germany, for the Transfer Window”. They get that advantage as they can recharge their batteries, but, also, if you bring someone in, even if he is lacking fitness, you can build it in. The change [for the Premiership] is now good, but, now, I hope that they also change it for the lower leagues.”


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