Cox hoping to pull Cowden “out of a hole” after move from Forfar

Cowdenbeath attacker David Cox is looking forward to potentially making his bow for the Fifers this weekend against Berwick Rangers, with the former Forfar winger explaining that Gary Bollan was the sole reason he has swapped Angus for Central Park.

Speaking to ahead of Saturday’s visit of the Borderers, Cox said:

“Gary [Bollan – Cowdenbeath manager] has done a lot for me and I just thought I’d like to help them out and try pull them out of a hole. I have only been in for one training session, but, honestly, Fozzy [Mark Fotheringham – assistant manager] makes the training top class; I think it is probably the best training I’ve ever had, to be honest. It is great we have someone as experienced as him, having not long finished his career in the Bundesliga and things like that. He is coming into the club with fresh ideas and he is still a young coach, too. He has a lot of good ideas up his sleeve: he gets us all going at 100mph and the boys have been telling me how training is now a lot harder. We are so much better for it, though; we are so much fitter, so, I am really looking forward to it [the challenge of keeping Cowdenbeath up].

It is a very young squad, but we have some very, very, good players. If we can go and kick on, hopefully I can chip in with a few goals and get the boys pulling in the right direction then hopefully we can get ourselves out of it. When Gary left Forfar, if I had been given the chance then, I would have gone with him; I am just glad to be back playing under him again, to be honest. It is because I know what I am getting and he knows what he is getting: I really do believe I can help pull us out of it.”

Despite signing for the Blue Brazil last week, Cox couldn’t make his debut last weekend due to the adverse weather conditions.

“It was frustrating, aye, but, in a way, it is probably good for me. While I am fit, I am probably not as match fit as I should be – I have been in and out with injuries; I missed the whole of pre-season, then I missed a few weeks after that, I had my wedding coming up…I had a lot of things on my mind and I probably wasn’t at my full fitness. Then, over Christmas, I pulled my hamstring and then I had the flu. Although I wasn’t training, he [Jim Weir] was still playing me in matches on a Saturday, so, that wee break there possibly has let me recover from the training session last Thursday – I’ve been in the gym doing stuff myself and I will be back in tonight for training and then I will be ready to go on Saturday.

To be fair, every game between now and the end of the season is going to be massive for us. I have seen the boys training, they are definitely very good players. Their attitudes have changed, in terms of how they are playing, how they are working, stuff like that…I really think that we could pull nearer to teams like Edinburgh City and Clyde, which will help us get ourselves out of this position. I have heard we have been very close in games and slightly unlucky; we’ve had a few draws, so, I am hoping that once we get that first win, we can kick on from there. Everything else is there: we have good players, our fitness levels are there now, we are working hard throughout the whole 90 minutes and now we are seeing parts to our team that other clubs won’t want to face as we are now dogged, we are putting boys about and getting in people’s faces – teams don’t like that and that is sometimes what you need to kick on.”


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