Ferguson looking for a response after “De Ja Vu” defeat to Elgin

Borough Briggs seems a bit of a bogey ground for Stenhousemuir this term. The Warriors have travelled north to face Elgin twice this season and the League Two club have left empty handed on both occasions, after being on the end of 2-0 scorelines in both matches.

Speaking to WarriorsTV after Saturday’s defeat, the former Stenny midfielder said:

“A bit of de ja vu, in terms of the result and the performance: it is almost a carbon copy. I think, first of all, there were supporters, family members and others associated with the club here today and I feel we offered very little to encourage them this afternoon and I can only apologise to them on behalf of the team. It was everything we don’t want our football to look like and, to be honest with you, we made it far, far, too easy for Elgin.

Their first goal was incredibly easy – they got the ball out to the wider areas, they got the ball into the box and the player was unmarked, to allow them to go 1-0 up. I think in the second-half, it wasn’t a particularly good game and we didn’t play well, even though the conditions and the pitch didn’t really allow us to do that, at least it was a more competitive performance. If we performed like that in the first-half – even though we still weren’t particularly good – then I don’t feel they would have been ahead in the game and then it could be a completely different outcome. I felt it was the first-half which undone us today. It is bitterly disappointing; we have been here before: away to Cowdenbeath, away to Elgin earlier on in the season and then here again today, so, I need to take responsibility for that as this is three times I have seen it now, but, ultimately, the players must take individual and collective responsibility for their performances in the first-half.”

Ferguson will now need to try and address the issues head-on, with his side struggling to start games quickly and in the ascendency.

“In general, our away performances have been really good – we have been solid, strong and aggressive. Today, the conditions were horrendous and the pitch was very, very, difficult to play football on, but, that is a side to our game I would expect our group to be better at.

On the flip side to that, when we have had disappointing results to Cowdenbeath and Elgin away from home like I mentioned earlier, the players have responded in matches and in training, so, that is now what I am looking for. We have spoken to the group – they need to learn from this and I need to learn from this, as well. It makes things more disappointing [the way results had gone], but, on the flip side, you can also say it is good we haven’t lost too much ground on too many teams around and above us. Ultimately, it is about ourselves: we can’t focus on how other teams do, we need to make sure we approach games in the right manner, we perform and make sure we perform better than today. We need to pick up points and, then, if teams do drop points as they have today, we can then take advantage of that.”


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